Pink Disposable Gloves 5pair

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  • BIGGEST ADVANTAGE: Fits snugly in hands and does not easily slide, Does not emit any odor or leave any residue on hands (powder-free), even when hands are sweaty.
  • ❤ VARIETY OF USES: Beyond their medical applications, nitrile exam gloves are suited for a wide spectrum of uses, including food preparation, janitorial and sanitation, and home projects like painting.
  • √ DURABLE – Strong, high quality Nitrile material in our classic
  • Incredible stretch to fit all hand types without tearing or pinching. Thick enough to keep hands dry and soft without smelling, sticking, or leaving residue.
  • √ Ideal for activities that require frequent gloves replacement, suitable for right and left hands, textures and contours for good fit and grip